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About FoodSource

Founded by the owners of L'Esprit de Campagne (est. 1984), producers of dried tomatoes and fruits. FoodSource manufactures specialty foods as well as co-packages for retail, industrial, and food service clients. We work with clients to create flavor profiles, visual presentation, shelf life and specifications desired while assisting with cost saving concepts.

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FoodSource is a 42,000 square foot food processing facility with additional storage space in locations adjacent to the facility and within 10 minutes of the facility (33,000 sq')as well as public storage nearby.

We're located in the Shenandoah Valley along the Route 81 corridor where many other food processors are located. Close proximity to public storage (cooler & freezer) and cost effective freight companies.


FoodSource is certified by a variety of third party audit organizations.

  • Star K Kosher
  • BRC Global Food Safety Initiative
  • QAI Organic Processors
  • FDA Inspected
  • Members of the Specialty Food Trade
  • PACA Member
  • HACCP Program


FoodSource has trained personnel with a focus on food safety, quality, and customer service. Our employees have many years of experience from diverse areas of food manufacturing backgrounds.