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Food Production

FoodSource has the equipment and manpower capabilities to produce vegetable and fruit products for the full spectrum of specialized products needed in the market place.

Size Reduction There are numerous size reduction machines on site. Julienne, slice, dice or mill. We have VCS, Translicer, Diversicut, hammermill, as well as bar sizers, and sifters. All can be set to various sizes, shapes etc.
Seasoning Bucket conveyors with dosers will assure consistent flavorings.
Freezing Capable of -10 degrees F.
Drying Systems Indoor sanitary computer controlled wind tunnels. FDA approved plastic food contact trays. Large capacity throughput.
Cooking / Kettles For sauces, and solid particulate products.
Retorts For small runs of cans or jarring. Capabilities are 750 to 1000 cases per day.
Nitrogen Flush For shelf stability.
Metal Detection Five units on site.